In its origins, the ground floor was the old stable

The carriage was driving in through the big arched entrance, which has since been refurbished into a vast glass door that lets in lots of light. At the far end, where there was the ring to tie the horses, we have build a masonry stove. An efficient way to heat the place, with just one fire. It heats 24h and you can cook using the same heat 6-8h afterwards. One of the bedrooms closes with a beautifully carved, antique wooden sliding door.

In this appartment for 4 people you will find

2 double bedrooms
1 bedroom with a double bed
1 bedroom with 2 individual beds
1 bathroom
1 bathroom with rainshower and jets
Hair dryer
No need to bring yours
1 large dining / meeting room
Big table with space for 15 persons
Proyector, home cinema hifi
A masonry stove
for heating and cooking
Open kitchen
Fully equipped with nespresso, micro, dishwasher, all basics
Direct access to the garden
Home cinema Hi-Fi / Projector
Technology for your gatherings
Heating / Fan in each room
feel at home
Swimming pool, heated & lighted
BBQ & paella equipment
Big dining table
Chill out sofa & lounge chairs
3 cots - pls book in order to have them prepared
3 high seats
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More information and reservation?

Please send us your questions and ideas. We will be happy to help you!

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Please, let us know your preferences regarding check in and check out dates.