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Concerned by the serious consequences of the COVID-19, from Casa Argentera we want to enfatice our commitment with health and security for all our guests and partners in these times of uncertainty. Our thoughts are with all of you.

Caring for you 
We are closely monitoring the situation provoqued by COVID-19, and are following the indications of health and goverment as soon as they are issued, assuring to be prepared to afront the circumstances. Our principal priority: the wellness and security for all of us.

In this sense, the house is ideal: it is spacious and isolated. In our village and the neighboor village have had no incidents of Coronavirus. As the village mainly habits elderly, there has been taken maximum precautions from day 1, which we are also doing in our house in order to minimize risk. We do expect our guests to do the same, to celebrate their holidays with concern and conciousness. Groceries can be ordered from  the village shop, by phone/whatsapp and delivered to the door. The restaurant offers service of paella and other take away food, with previous orders. And while we are awaiting the guidelines, we have increased measures in terms of cleaning and hygiene in the property in order to providing secure, safe and clean surroundings for all. We have applied doormat with chlorin at all entrances and use chlorin and hot water for desinfection, besides all plugs, switches, doorhandles and all other touchable surfaces etc. are desinfected carefully.

Booking and flexibility in our stay 
We are offering flexible terms and conditions, when booking from 11/5/20. For COVID-19 related issues, you have free re-booking of dates or full return of deposit. Please contact us with any questions and more details.

We hope that this situation will improve soon and would like to thank you for your comprehension.

Albert & Ina